PolarStar - Gold Low Flow Poppet (2.5 x 1mm O-Ring Included)

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PolarStar - Gold Low Flow Poppet (2.5 x 1mm O-Ring Included)

This PolarStar Airsoft F2 Gold Low Flow Poppet is a highly anticipated efficiency upgrade that expands the capabilities of the F2 HPA Unit.  This Gold Low Flow Poppet allows the F2 to be more flexible and adaptable when tuning for different rifle configurations. 

When you replace your standard red poppet from your F2 with this Gold Poppet, your F2's velocity window will shift allowing the F2 to operate at a higher pressure while retaining a lower velocity. 

This low flow poppet is beneficial in builds where a longer barreled rifle needs to achieve a lower velocity that can be reached within the normal operating pressure range of the F2.  This will allow you to operate at higher pressures, while staying under your required field velocity limits.  This equates to more air savings while running at higher pressures to maintain reliable feeding with heavier weight BB's. 

Compatibility: PolarStar F2 Ony