Crye Licensed Replica - AVS Starter Set (Multicam/Medium)

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Crye Licensed Replica - AVS Starter Set (Multicam/Medium)


A full suite of Zip-On Panels, Flaps and more, so that you can outfit your replica the way you want it. Available soon, in matching colors and patterns.


With a fully-functional ambidextrous release system, configure your replica AVS exactly the way you want it, lefties and righties the same.


Real AVS Harness + Plate Pouch Set = $523. Licensed replica = $329.95. Build the kit you’ve always wanted to, without breaking the bank.


Made from military grade materials, the replica AVS will stand up to constant hard use every weekend while giving you an authentic look.


The proven and completely adjustable AVS Harness system allows users of all builds to comfortably and properly adjust the replica AVS for fitment.


Going light? Ditch the harness. Rocking SAWs? Add cummerbund for that extra pouch. Configurable from just plate pouches to a complete load-bearing system, the Replica AVS will get your weekend warrior mission done, from parking lot to respawn and back!

The replica AVS is faithfully templated from the actual design, making the fit and feel exact. Built from military-grade material and hardware, and utilizing proper stitching and construction techniques, the replica AVS is ready for hard use. Featuring complete modularity from the harness system, compatible with optional front flaps, zip on back panels and cummerbund, users can configure the replica AVS any way that suits their weekend warrior needs.

Manufactured exclusively to the weekend warrior enthusiasts, the officially licensed Crye Precision Tactical Gear and Clothing product line features replicas of the signature "Crye Licensed" ribbon, as well as clearly marked product identification tags, so that there is no confusion about the piece of gear in your hands.

Official Licensed Crye Precision Tactical Gear and Clothing line from ZShot Inc. are NOT Berry-compliant and not for sale to military, law enforcement, government or real-world users.



                Sizes: Medium, Large

                Colors: Coyote Brown, Urban Grey, Ranger Green, Black, Multicam


Included: Front and rear plate bags, AVS Harness System, 1-band Cummerbund, Harness cummerbund bungee cord, 1x emergency doffing cable.

Warranty: 12 Months

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