BBWarz - BB Bottle Bag (Pack of 4)

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BBWarz - BB Bottle Bag (Pack of 4)

Disclaimer: This product consists of 4 empty BB Warz Bag Bottles for your BB storage needs! 

Are you tired of fumbling around with your BB bag or bottle? Do you often dream of being more operator? If so, then we have the perfect product for you. With the purchase of BB Warz BB bottle bag, you will immediately notice extreme changes in your social life. Tactical gear will periodically arrive on pallets outside of your house delivered by a member of Devgru, and you will often be asked to raid terrorist cells in Afghanistan with Special Forces. You will notice increased muscle mass, and your sad little pencil mustache will transform into a thick, well-groomed, operator beard. 

BB Warz' revolutionary bag design takes all of the positive aspects that bottles and bags offer and combines them into a sleek, attractive package. The special food-grade, air-tight bag/bottle hybrid features a vividly orange bottle cap that is easily spotted if dropped, along with a reinforced polymer spout to make pouring an ease. Printed directly on the package, the joule chart enables easy operation with a chronograph. BB Warz is looking to change the game.