Amped Custom - HPA Integral Grip Line (IGL)

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Amped Custom - HPA Integral Grip Line (IGL)

PolarStar FE and Valken V12 IGL's are temporarily out of stock.  They will return soon! Estimated Amped IGL for GEN 2 Inferno will not work if you have this recessed hose port.end of May.

Another great custom product from Amped Airsoft, the IGL is a replacement kit for many of the HPA units on the market today.  Anytime a new unit comes out, we attempt to create an Integral Grip Line (IGL) for it.  Please select your HPA unit from the drop down menu, and we will create a custom built IGL just for you!

The IGL replaces the original line included with your HPA unit and mounts directly to the unit itself. The IGL is very similar to how our AGL works but instead of attaching to existing macro line this will attach directly to HPA unit, offering a much more robust/durable solution.

We utilize Foster Quick Disconnects which are the HPA industry standard and are compatible with all existing Amped Custom products as well as most other after market regulators. Our IGLs come with a thin wrench that is utilized to tighten the fitting against your hpa unit.

These products are made by hand and may have some lead times associated.  

Some notes about IGL installation and routing:

  • Traditionally, most players will run their IGL out of their motor grip.  If you are feeling feisty, you can also run the IGL out the back of your gearbox/gun body so that it comes out under your stock.  Please keep in mind that this method takes modification to the gearbox shell and buffer plate.

  • If you have a reinforced gearbox that has extra reinforcements on the inside, then you may have to make modifications to make room for the IGL to be routed through your gearbox shell, whether through your motor grip or through the rear of your body.

  • If you intend to run your IGL through your pistol grip, you may have to enlarge the motor hole on the top of your grip to make room for the IGL.

  • When running your IGL through your motor plate, you may have to enlarge the motor plate hole to accommodate the IGL.  Alternatively, you can run without the motor plate if you wish.
  • If running your IGL on a V3 Fusion Engine.  You will need to modify the grip and bracket to allow for travel through the pistol grip. This can be a complicated task and takes planning to do correctly. We advise caution when doing this task.
  • IGL may not be compatible with all gearbox shell types.

We reserve the right to refuse production of any hateful or derogatory custom text.  Custom text must be in English characters only.

Disclaimer: Sheathing Color is not available on the Daytona IGL.